Victoria F. Gaitán uses human meat puppets in flesh and blood still lifes. The images are calling-cards from explorations of internal worlds, illness, in-between states, shared delusions and hells, stillness, memory, interpretations of pain, private and public intimacies, trauma, beauty, conditioned responses and gender and race in relation to objectification and ornamentation.

Characterized by an over-abundance of earthly delights often found in Flemish Baroque Golden Age still life paintings, the images depict the rich colors and textures of food overflowing on the table and from the mouths of the female subject. Gaitán juxtaposes a plethora of alluring earthly treats with a morbid reminder of their ephemeral nature. She conjures an insistent but unattainable desire, a feeling enmeshed with the eating disorders these photographs also call to mind. Gaitán’s women appear compelled to binge, smeared with the sugary goo they are consuming to excess. They are confrontational in their performative awareness; their expressive eyes meet our own amidst the beautiful wreckage of indulgence and ornament. Still, despite this explicit point of contact, we are uncertain whether the women are confident exhibitionists or pleading victims.”

—Andrea Pollan, Director of Curator’s Office, Washington DC.
Exhibition essay for Foto Baroque: Victoria F. Gaitán & Cecilia Paredes



B.A., University of S.A., photography major, 1993 – Australia

Art & Photo intern, Rolling Stone magazine, 1996, 1997, 1998 – NYC., USA.


WPA Select 2013 – Washington, DC, February – March, 2013

SCOPE Art Fair – New York, March, 2013

PULSE Art Fair – New York, May, 2013


Art Palm Beach – Palm Beach, January, 2013

Art Miami/Aqua – Miami, December, 2012

Solo Exhibitions:

“Scenes of Mild Peril”: Solo, curated by Jamie L. Smith, PhD & Leigh Conner at Conner Contemporary Art, Washington, DC., November 5th – December 17th 2011

“Sweet-Meat Cherry-Whip Flip”: Solo, curated by Al Miner, Jayme McLellan & Jefferson Pinder, at Artisphere, Arlington, VA., January 2011

Selected Exhibtions:

Habitat for Humanity and Artnet charity auction, juried, Woolly Mammoth Theater, Washington, DC., March 2012

‘Vulnerable’, pop-up in Brooklyn, NY. – April 2012

Washington Project for the Arts’ Annual Auction Gala, Washington, DC., 2012

(e)merge art fair: Conner Contemporary Art, Capitol Skyline Hotel, Washington, DC., Sept. 2011

“The Final Girl”: Curated by Adam Dwight, at WPA, Washington, DC., June 2011

“Self Portrait as a Rockstar”: Curated by Gary Kachadourian, Current Gallery, Baltimore, MD., 2011

Transformer Gallery Annual Auction: Washington, DC., 2010

“Foto Baroque”: Curated by Andrea Pollan at Curator’s Office for Fotoweek, Washington, DC., 2010

“Visions De La Morte”: Open call, Queens Museum of Art, NY., 2010

“Portray”: Curated by Frank Hallam Day at Addison/Ripley Fine Art, Washington, DC., 2010

“Mixology II”: Curated by Andrea Pollan at Curator’s Office, Washington, DC., 2010

“By Request”: Curated by Jeffry Cudlin at Flashpoint Gallery, Washington, DC., 2010

“Beautiful”: Curated by Joanne Bauer at G.R.A.C.E, Reston, VA., 2010

“Empty Time”: Curated by Trevor Young at The Fridge DC, Washington, DC., 2010

“Cream”: Curated by Mera Rubell for WPA’s 30th Annual Auction, at the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center, Washington DC., 2009

“Portrait 2.0”: Curated by Michael Pollack at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center for Fotoweek DC, Silver Spring, MD., 2009

Transformer Gallery annual auction, Washington, DC., 2009

“Picturing Politics”: Curated by Rex Weil at Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, VA., 2008

Selected Awards/Grants:

Queens Trust Award, 1996 — Australia

South Australian Department of Arts & Cultural Heritage, 1993 & 1994 — Australia

Australian Network for Art & Technology (A.N.A.T), 1994 — Australia

Experimental Art Foundation – Studio Residency 1994 — Australia

National Association for Visual Arts (N.A.V.A.), 1993, 1992, 1993 — Australia

Selected Press:

Palm Beach Post – January 2013

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Meets Obsession: “Photo Diary”, article by Mei Tan — November 2011

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The Washington Post: Review for ‘Cream’, by Jessica Dawson, December 2009

The Washington Post: Article for ‘Cream’, by Jessica Dawson, December 2009

Falls Church News Press: Review for ‘Portrait 2.0’, by Kevin Mellema, November 2009

The Washington Post: Review for ‘Picturing Politics’, by Jessica Dawson, August 2008


Instructor, Introduction to Digital Photography, McLean Project for the Arts, McLean, VA. — Spring 2012

Panelist, Fall Portfolio Reviews at The Art Institute of Washington, Professor Sonya A. Lawyer — October 2012

Visiting artist, American University, Professor Mia Feuer, Washington, DC. – February 2011

Panelist, Fotoweek DC 2011, Fotoweek DC Central, Washington, DC. — November 2011

Visiting Artist, Gender and 20th Century Art, George Washington University, Professor Leah Curran, Washington, DC. — November 2011

Panelist, Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies, Professor Leah Perry, American University, Washington, DC. — March 2011

Visiting Artist, Prince George’s County College, Professor John James Anderson, Maryland – December 2010

Panelist, Exhibition Talk for “Beautiful” at G.R.A.C.E, with Pink Line Project, Reston, VA. — May 2010

Exhibition Artist Talk, “Beautiful” at G.R.A.C.E, Reston, VA. — May 2010

Panelist, Fall Portfolio Reviews at The Art Institute of Washington, Professor Sonya A. Lawyer — October 2009

Panelist for exhibition “Picturing Politics” at the Arlington Arts Center — September 2009