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Art Palm Beach – Palm Beach Post magazine

Hey, Donut!

Pinkline – Nation’s Creative Capital

Thank you so much, Pinkline, for including us in the Nation’s Creative Capital series.

Peanut thanks you too!

Randall Packer’s interview of Pie Face for The Post Reality Show: TALK MEDIA!

Here’s that sweet and charming cat, Randall Packer’s interview of Pie Face for his Post Reality Show: TALK MEDIA!,that was originally broadcast well past good milk drinking folk’s bedtimes, on July 27, 2012 as part of the Capital Fringe Festival. Thanks Randall for being so incredibly thorough. This gentleman braved my studio and the girl talk between my model Melissa and me, glitter, feathers, hairspray, powder and the veritable treasure hunt to find the fucking place, in order to get some video footage for the interview. Bravo, hat tipped and thank you! Yeh, my brain and mouth don’t get on too well and they’re even more ill behaved when they have to play with others.



Obsessions in Portraiture

Photographer Kate Reeder braved my hellhole a few months ago to shoot my fetid carcass for her series of obsession based portraits for a show with and a feature

in Meets Obsession magazine.

Come to the preview!

The Post Reality Show: TALK MEDIA! Capital Fringe Festival, July 17 – 28, 2012 Hosted by Randall Packer

I’ll be interviewed via live s(c)treaming interwebs with artist, Randall Packer for the last night of TALK MEDIA! as part of the Capital Fringe Festival.

Alberto and Philippa P.B. Hughes will be on the last show too. I’m in good company!

Randall’s coming to the studio on Monday to film me shooting, or rather, traumatizing some models, so there’ll be some footage of that.

The show airs on Saturday July 28, 2012, 10:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Thanks, Randall! (Website) (Online Performance site) (Capital Fringe Festival)

PANDAHEAD magazine – Issue #6

Many thanks to the awesome folks at Pandahead magazine for putting Donut in issue #6.

Thanks, Pandaheads!

Desks as portraits: An inside look into the DC art world – by E. Brady Robinson

E. Brady Robinson’s awesome series, ‘Desks as portraits’ opens

Artnet Habitat for Humanity auction – now!

The Art | Art for Humanity Auction and Cocktail ReceptionLollipop is in the Artnet auction benefiting Habitat for Humanity. Here’s the list of participating artists.

Venus project – by Anna Utopia Giordano

This is awesome: Anna Utopia Giordano’s, Venus project. Thanks

WPA Auction Gala

Come to the ball! The Washington Project for the Arts is having their annual auction gala and as usual, it’s going to be awesome. Their such a great organization and this event is great combination of swank, art and the thrill of buying stuff competition style. I’ll have a piece in it but it has to remain Secret Squirrel.

The opening, which is free and for the general public, is February 11th.

3 exclusive Live Auction art experiences
Celebrity chef’s “Moveable Feast” of small plates and mezze
(This year’s dinner will not be formally seated. Titanium and Platinum Sponsors will have designated tables for the exclusive use of their guests.)
New location: 1800 L Street NW
(Special Thanks to Somerset Partners)”

Adrian Parsons hunger strike – Day 20.

Adrian Parsons’ hunger strike protesting DC’s lack of voting rights. Day 20.

Adrian Parsons hunger strike – Day 19.

Adrian Parsons’ hunger strike protesting DC’s non voting rights. Day 19.

Adrian Parsons’ hunger strike.

Read about the awesome, kind and much loved artist and musician, Adrian Parsons‘ hunger strike to protest DC’s taxation without representation. He’s not eaten anything for 2 weeks. Hell yes, this is really freaking the living shit out of me.
Photo ‘Hunger Strike’, by the super Matt Dunn.

Scenes of Mild Peril on WAMU!

Scenes of Mild Peril just got an a-hoy! from the lovely people in the wireless from the station WAMU! Thank you, WAMU!

Fotoweek in Focus – Washington Post

Thanks Michael O’Sullivan at the Washington Post for including Scenes of Mild Peril in the Going Out Guide’s recommendations!

Corralling the Critics – Pinkline

Thanks so much for the thumbs up, Pinkline Project!

Lost at E Minor – Scenes of Mild Peril shout out!

Are the cool kids still saying ‘shout out’? Good thing I’m no dagnabbit cool kid. Gettoff my lawn!! Whopping great thanks and air-bag hug to the killer artist, Jonathan Monaghan for his super lovely looky-here for Scenes of Mild Peril, still at the greatest gallery in town, Conner Contemporary Art down on Florida Avenue, NW DC. Thanks so much Jonathan!

Washington City Paper Review – Scenes of Mild Peril!

Hugest thanks to the really great writer, Kriston Capps for his review of Scenes of Mild Peril at Conner Contemporary Art. Thanks so much, Kriston!

Young @ Heart 11 – Panel for FotoweekDC through BYT

Come out, come out tonight to the FotoweekDC panel hosted by BYT at Fotoweek Central, 1800 L St. NW (The old Borders).

Photographers on the panel are: (in alphabetical order): Josh Cogan, Victoria F. Gaitán, Douglas Sonders, Scott Suchman, Nicole Wolf and Marcus Yam.

Followed by an after party featuring a bunch of awesome BYT photographers, including Dakota Fine. Hell yeh!

Thanks BYT! Maybe that’s my new tattoo….

Meets Obsession coverage of Scenes of Mild Peril at Conner Contemporary

Thanks so damn much to the super lovely Mei Tan of Meets Obsession for her way too kind coverage of Scenes of Mild Peril at Conner Contemporary Art, showing with Patricia Piccinini’s, The Welcome Guest. Thank you so much and thanks loads too, to Sergio Teran for such awesome photographs!

BYT coverage of Scenes of Mild Peril at Conner Contemporary

Huge thanks to the awesome Rachel Eisley of Brightest Young Things for her super kind coverage of my show, Scenes of Mild Peril and the amazing Patricia Piccinini’s show, The Welcome Guest, at Conner Contemporary Art. Thank you, Rachel (your photos rock!) and BYT!


Here’s a post by on Scenes of Mild Peril and the incredible Patricia Piccinini‘s, The Welcome Guest at Conner Contemporary Art. Thank you ArtDaily!

Going Out Gurus – Washington Post

Hugest thanks to the incredible Philippa P.B. Hughes of the Pinkline Project for this super generous recommendation (“- the opening of Victoria Gaitan’s photogaphy exhibit at Conner Contemporary. She is one of my FAVE artists ever. Her photos will blow you away. Seriously.”) for Scenes of Mild Peril, opening Saturday November 5th (2 sleeps?!?!) at Conner Contemporary Art. Thank you so much, Philippa!

FotoweekDC BYT panel – come heckle me Jeckle!

For some reason the good people at Brightest Young Things have asked me to pull my carcass along to FotoweekDC HQ (the old Borders bookstore in downtown DC) for a panel on November 10th at 6:30pm. There’ll also be an afterparty featuring the very awesome BYT photogoofers for all of the snappy cats with social skills. Thanks BYT and FotoweekDC!