Look at this!

Tea Party triptych.


Here’re a few from Couch.

Control Part 3.

Control Part 2.

Here are a few from Control Part 2.

Control Part 1.

Here are 3 images from Control Part 1.

Spun Gold

Feathers Part 1.

Next week I’m shooting Feathers Part 2 and 3. Here are a few more of Feathers Part 1


Here are a couple of Daisies shots.

Funny something

Here’s a funny something…

Solo show ‘Scenes of Mild Peril’, at Conner Contemporary Art – November 2011

Here’s the preview for Scenes of Mild Peril at Conner Contemporary Art, that opens November 5th 2011.


E. Brady Robinson’s desk portraits on Russian TV

Just too cool. Go Brady!

Peeps Show No’s. 1 and 2

Filthy Dirty No.’s 3 and 7

Mother triptych

Sausage No’s. 7 and 10

Images for the November show are decided so I can finally let some shots from the 35 shoots I’ve done this year out. Fuck yes. Been driving me nuts.

Desks as Portraits: DC by E. Brady Robinson

Recently I had the total honor of having my brain-splat desk photographed by the awesome photographer, E. Brady Robinson, for her fuckoff great series, ‘Desks as Portraits: DC’. And yes, the next shot is Alberto’s desk starring the one and only Miss Peanut, stealing the show as always. I’m so in love with this body of work, it needs to be a book!

Conner Contemporary reveiw for (e)merge on Artnet!

Hot damn, this is awesome! Conner Contemporary Art‘s room with the awesome Mia Feuer and Pie Face got reviewed on Artnet.com!

“D.C. itself was definitely in the house, notably via the inimitable Conner, who seems to rep D.C. almost single-handedly on the international fair circuit. Her Conner Contemporary suite boasted photos by Victoria F. Gaitan of cute chicks made up like whipped cream parfaits, complete with cherries stuck guess-where.”
Thank you, Walter Robinson!

“(e)merge & see” – Theory Now.

Huge thanks to the great writer, mind, and all ’round great guy, Mr. Mark Cameron Boyd for his most recent blog post, “(e)merge & now”, about the recent (e)merge art fair that just concluded at the Capitol Skyline Hotel in DC.

(e)merge art fair Preview!

Here’s the preview to the (e)merge art fair!!

Hugest thanks to Conner Contemporary Art and the (e)merge art fair.

Going to scrape myself off the ceiling…..

Philippa P.B. Hughes’ first Huffington Post blog posting!!

The one and only Queen of Awesomeness, Ms. Philippa P.B. Hughes, founder and chief creative contrarian of D.C.’s Pink Line Project is now a blogger for the influential, Huggington Post. Oh frakkin hells yeh – go Philippa!!

This first post is an introduction to who she is and how she came to try on and decide to keep her glass slippers of awesomeness.

Jeffry Cudlin, mesmerizing as ever, provides the performative dance homage as we hear Philippa tell us how it was.

My head just exploded.

(e)merge art fair 22nd-25th September 2011

I’m still waiting for the punchline, but so far, I’m still in (e)merge, and not only that, I’m in Conner Contemporary Art’s room. Nuts! This fair’s going to be insane. Definitely worth checking out and then checking out again and if you can, again.

Something I’m not missing out on is Jeffry Cudlin v. Kathryn Cornelius in ‘Triathalon Of The Muses’. Check out what’s in store here. If I loved these artists any more I’d need some smelling salts.

D.C. is pretty damn rockin’!

Feathers No.1

This one’s out of the bag. But, (never start a sentence with but) being the first image, you just know stuff’s gonna be happening….

‘Victoria F. Gaitán: Beauty in Decay’ – By Justin Brill

Here’s the article that the lovely and very, very kind Justin Brill wrote about old pie face for the first issue of Meets Obsession magazine. I almost wrote ‘meats’…. Thank you so much, Justin and thank you so much, Meets Obsession!

‘Taint online yet, so hopefully these scans are legible…