“Cream” – WPA Auction Gala

Thanks so much to the WPA for such a splendidly top-shelf of a night last Saturday at the Katzen, and for the incredible generosity of having us at the Director’s table. Those chairs were like something that the Snow Queen from Narnia would have!

The work looked so damn good, the people who hung it all did a really great job. The place was jammed, and everyone had a blast. A bunch of people commented that this was the biggest and best one yet, and that it was reminiscent of WPA Auctions from the days of yore. (Yore really must have the time to be kicking around, those people had all the fun.)

Here’s a photograph of me with the very lovely and awesome artist, Judy Byron. We’re looking at the super cute buttons and card that she made for our smashing Curator, Mera Rubell.

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