The Final Girl – WPA June 3rd-24th 2011

Adam Dwight has curated a really cool show called The Final Girl showing at the WPA and opening on June 3rd, 6-8pm.

More info. here at the Pink Line Project.

“The Final Girl explores themes of feminism in the electronic visual age, exploiting cinematic conventions of the horror genre, which is notoriously known for its ambiguous treatment of the female narrative center. Instead of focusing on horror as a tool for populist consensus and social anxiety, the exhibition will raise questions about the genre’s grotesque and celebratory treatment of the female body.” – Excerpt from press release.

Here’s one of the 2 prints I’ll be lowering the tone of the show with. No, it ain’t no plastic squid!

2D Artists:
Mark Behme • Christopher Fuentez • Ryan Hill • James Huckenpahler • Victoria F. Gaitán • Felipe Goncalves • Linda Hesh • Mike Johnson • Peter Killeen • Marissa Long • Rob Parrish • Bonner Sale • Shalo p • Tim Tate • Adrien Varallyay • Zac Willis • Andrew Wodzianski • Luke Wyatt

Video Artists:
Stephen Ausherman • Jeremy Beaudry • Brett Bergmann • Christopher Cassidy • Terry Berlier + Luciano Chessa • Christine Chin, Andrew Berry, Maria Elena Brodeur, Sarah Watkins • Mary Helena Clark • Adam Cruces • John Davis • Clint Enns • McLean Fahnestock • Giada Ghiringhelli • Sabine Gruffat • Henry Gwiazda • Mary Hill • Thom Heileson Hunt • Gautam Kansara • Selina Loper • Jeannette Louie • Lilianne Milgrom • Sean Niesen • Aaron Oldenburg • Leah Peterson • Ian Alexander Scott • Julia Kim Smith • Dmitry Strakovsky • Claudia X. Valdes • Roland Wegerer

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