Tweet Therapy?

So the past few days have been total misery. Puss has been very ill and until late last night, there was no known cause. Things are now looking more hopeful….

It got me thinking though, as I sent out the odd Tweet about it, about the possible therapeutic benefits to Tweeting. Even though I know nobody’s reading or is going to read my Tweety wafflings, (also possibly why I feel okay about Tweeting in the first place) it somehow causes a brief pressure evacuation of sorts, similar to when you voice a deep, dark secret, confide in a friend, or seek the council of a shrink.

I love the image of millions of disconnected people dropping their 140 characters or less Tweets into the unblinking, indifferent ocean of the Twitterverse. Each Tweet partially drowning out that of their neighbor’s, and thus contributing to the over all cacophony of simple joys, bitchings, pains, and banalities.

I sound my barbaric Tweet! Ain’t life grand.

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