Visions of Death – I came 2nd??!!

I’m totally stunned! My image came 2nd in this open call at the Queens Museum, N.Y

2- Victoria F. Gaitán, Arlington USA, PIETA DI MORTE:
3- ORCD, France MAMA MIA (diptico):
4- Guillaune Gobenceaux France, ONE WAY, Chicago:
5- Tomas Castelazo Mexico, MUERTE PLACIDA:
6- Luis E Aguilar, Mexico, HAY LA MUERTE EN LOS HUESOS:
7- Francois Orsero, Francia, PLAISIRS DE L´AU DELA:
8- Prometeo, Jorge Rodriguez Lucero, Mexico, MICTLAN:
9- Claudia Hans Dryjanski, Mexico, IMAGINANDO A LA MUERTE:
10- Eva Petric, eslovenis, MONEY GOES TO SLEEP…..:
11- Catherine Dumont, Canadá , Autorretrato:
12- Alexandro Perez Neiro, Mexico, TRAGICAS HUELLAS :
13- Yadin Andres Mexico, APANON:
14- Julian Volov, NY, WORMS, Germany:
15- Miranda Clark, Australia, NOT A LOVE SONG

Thank you so much Kathryn Cornelius for sending me the notification.

The image selected is from the the Squirm series, titled Pieta Di Morte.

“The exhibition will kick-off at the Queens Museum of Art in 2010 (Oct 31. – Nov 21)and will then take place at various locations of the FIDM around the globe the following years (Paris, Mexico, Santiago of Chile, Cairo, etc). Fifteen (15) photographs will be presented in the exhibition.
QUEENS MUSEUM OF ART Location: NYC Building, Flushing Meadows Corona Park Queens, NY, 11368-3398 New York, NY.”

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